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You can get ready beaded design layout by photo via 25 seconds

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You like beads, but a design like all not for You. Yes, you could make this with Bead-N-Stitch (BNS) software, which creates a design by photo or with a clean slate. The software allows a design creating from beads, stitches or and those and others for any practice. BNS easy creates hight quality design for traditional, round, partial-embroidery and combined weaving and embroidery technique. The program features are that it doesn’t requires a special artistic skills, easily creates the desired scheme efficiently and quickly (it’s able to remove isolated single color), has very mach variants for ready design printing (beads countours, the point of the puncture needle etc), calcs a necessary volume for design creation (both beads and threads), includes hundreds of standard palettes, has a built-in palette editor, allows you to display a graphic image of a finished design diagram to print on fabric with any given resolution(DPI) or to bring the scheme to a PDF document, including a word chart. The program is suitable for creating beaded netting patterns (bracelets, harnesses, etc.) – all major netting formats – loom, peyotte, brick etc.

Pattern design software: main features

New unique features

1. Round patter format.
2. Different bead shapes at the same pattern simultaneously – circle, oval, square, 5-and 6-pointed star, triangle, etc.
3. Different bead sizes at the same pattern simultaneously.
4. Your own pattern format editor for non-standard weaving style.
5. Several palettes usage in one pattern, builded color palette editor.
6. Drawing by beads on the substrate of the original photo.
7. Isolated beads color reduction feature.

Final result design image high quality

1. Result beaded image(png, jpg file) can have any desired graphic resolution – 1440 DPI and more. The feature implementation based on unique software algorithm and doesn’t requires supper computer’s hardware.
2. Result beaded image consists from 2 layers: original image and beads. Therefore the original image is visible between beads spacer and final design image color reproduction becomes more accurate to the original image.

Multifunctionality – 3 softwares within 1 box

1. Pattern design by beads, by cross stitches, simultaneously both that and another.
2. Design on a photo or from scratch.
3. Design for weaving and for embroiding.
4. Great artists paintings collection free downloading from the software web site.
5. Ready beaded design collection free downloading from the software web site.

Freeware version

Download freeware software version right now! We have video lessons. You can see real beaded works, based on Bead-N-Stitch software: Smirnova, Bessonova, Rysina, Myllaxmetova, Ganys, Bashkirova.

Quality tech support

We can modify and improve the software at your request without any payment from you. Many of Bead-N-Stich features were result of such request – see the software versions history. Please write us to

Fair price

You can save money 50% by purchasing our program – just order Bead-N-Stitch here. BNS price is 1,5-2 times lower than similar software price, although it has at least the same capabilities, and a number of great opportunities: BeadCreatorPro, Pattern Maker.

The software for bead and stitch pattern design, delivery on the Internet.
Before the software commersical version purchasing
You can check the software on your computer in demo mode.
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Bead-N-Stitch is very big present for BeadCreatorPro users.

BNS imports BCP design file format and allows it printing and editing. BNS imports BCP color palette file format as well. So you didn’t lose your existing BCP designs. Moreover, with BNS you will
– print BCP designs with higher graphical resolution: 1440 DPI and more,
– strongly improve BCP designs appearance by showing original image between beads spacer,
– get many new variants for pattern design options: color countour around beads; free selection of facename, font size and color of bead’s palette color symbolos-identification ets.
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Bead-N-Stitch user cans free download old master pictures collection from our web site

Everybody can free download the software viewer and design collection for preview and print

Other our softwares for artistic beading and tile mosaic design

1. BeadCreator Artistic software icon“BeadCreator Artistic” is a software for artistic, which allows painting a picture with beads. It allows any bead’s locations, i.e. there are not fixed bead’s location as in BNS. Second feature is that oval shape beads can be oriented on a plane.
One color bead pattern design, created by software 'BeadThread Artistic
2. TileDesigner software icon'“TileDesigner” – software for tiled mosaic design creation – pictures based on your photo, random design and mixture of colored tiles for floor, wall, bathroom, pool, etc.
Tiled picture design 'Lena', created by TileDesigner software. The design createdv with different tile sizesTileDesigner software random design of colored tiles for floor

Before buying, you can check the software in trial mode.
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The software exists on English and Russian languages. It’s possible to buy a full commercial the software version and download limited freeware version. For more information, write to the software author on e-mail or call on number +7-905-745-26-07.

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